Custom Kiosks for Different Industries 

Many businesses are working with custom kiosk manufacturers to design kiosks that not only function in a specially prescribed way but also act as an extension of their brand. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but by taking the time to clearly state your goals for the machine as well as a budget it will make the process much easier.

Kiosks, Inc. is pleased to announce the new features of their custom kiosks. There are many uses for computer kiosks – they can help raise brand awareness, provide extended customer service and so much more. Technology has improved business options in numerous ways and nowhere is that more evident than in the custom kiosk genre.

So, would your business benefit from a custom kiosk? Imagine being able to provide service or information at multiple locations throughout larger cities or 24-hr access anywhere. Kiosks, Inc. offers your company the opportunity to serve clients needs in a variety of locations and for extended hours with their customized computer kiosk, all without hiring extra staff or authorizing overtime!

Uses and Features:

  • Bill pay- custom kiosks can provide a simple easy way to pay for services, any time night or day.
  • Retail Service- these kiosks provide a way for customers to manage store loyalty programs, catalogue ordering, in store payment, product look up, coupons and much more.
  • HR- Would you like to extend your human resources department without significantly increasing costs? HR custom kiosks provide employees a simple way to access schedules, pay stubs, company policies, job postings etc…
  • Photo and Games- it does not have to be all business, kiosks can offer a bit of fun as well. Photos and game kiosks can be found in a variety of locations and provide memories and entertainment.

US Manufacturers

Where do you find custom kiosk manufacturers? The good news is you can find them right here in the United States. Some might feel pricing would be better overseas, but there are several benefits to using a manufacturer stateside, and these include but are not limited to:

  • Responsiveness- when you need answers immediately or quick service, you do not want to deal with a middleman. Not only can a US manufacture offer better service after the sale, but also offer quicker on the fly customizations and quotes for the same.
  • Cost Savings- there are many things you can buy offshore at a better price, kiosks are not in that category. Some may have better pricing at first, but when you add customizations and extended service the prices quickly escalate.

About Kiosks, Inc. 

Kiosks, Inc. is a premier USA manufacturer of custom computer kiosks. As a division of CompuStation, they have been servicing Fortune 500 companies to small independent businesses since 1996 and providing cutting-edge solutions with wide-ranging models of computer kiosk.

For more details about their products and services, contact 1-800-600-6829 or visit their website at